Accounts Payable Automation

Nipendo simplifies the entire process of receiving invoices by automating their reception and ensuring they are accurately captured by the purchaser’s accounting platform. Automation can be done in several different ways – most efficiently when done through a B2B interface, but it can also be done over email, a portal, or over Nipendo’s mobile application.
Nipendo provides process governance of invoice delivery, confirming to the supplier that the invoice was received, and alerting the purchaser that they have received an invoice.
Once received, the system automatically reviews the purchase order, the goods received note, and the invoice to ensure that they are all aligned, ensuring that PO numbers match, the shipping data is accurate, and the quantities and prices are correct, as well as confirming exchange rates for international purchases and verifying all dates.
The process ensures minimal manual intervention and close to 100% accuracy so that you remove process bottlenecks, manage a more effective supply chain and get paid faster and more accurately. This is true regardless of how complex your processes get, whether your orders and invoices have one line item or hundreds, whether dealing with partial shipments, advance shipping notes, or returns.

Nipendo’s hyperautomation platform greatly improves productivity within the accounts payable team. Rather than spending their day responding to payment status emails and comparing PO numbers and quantities delivered on invoices, they can focus their attention on the more important elements of their job.