OCR Extraction and OCR Validation

The Nipendo platform supports all possible ways of invoice capture (Image + Data). Our technology assures 100% accuracy of invoice data extraction, except with regards to manual scans. Nipendo also assures full match between invoice image and invoice data through our OCR Validation technology.
A major advantage of the Nipendo technology is lack of setup or training of a new vendor opting-in, requiring only an email address to send invoices as attachments to the email. The OCR extraction technology utilizes Nipendo’s Bots to browse every sequence of the P2P process, related to each OCR extraction of invoice data, then matches it against the information gathered from the related documents to guarantee extraction accuracy and to automatically correct any OCR extraction errors using AI and Deep Learning.
In situations where the system is not able to resolve discrepancies, it prompts the supplier for intervention and subsequently learns from these interaction so that it better addresses future similar cases.


There are three ways by which a supplier can send invoices by email:

Paper Invoice

Although not recommended, and as part of a long migration process, some suppliers will temporarily continue to send paper invoices.
Nipendo hosts a mailroom and offers customers to utilize their resources to scan paper invoices into the system and to then use Nipendo’s advanced OCR technology, as described above, to post these invoices through the Nipendo platform into the customer’s ERP system.