I am a Supplier

As a supplier, you find yourself interacting with customers around Purchase Orders, Invoices, Shipping Notifications, and the like.  Often, you’re asked to use multiple types of platforms, depending on the customer, and might find yourself having to spend time and money implementing, and learning how to use new systems.

Nipendo offers a different approach.



We developed an end-to-end platform that easily integrates with existing ERP and accounting systems, allowing you to engage any and all of your customers through the same platform using multiple modes of communication that are fully synchronized with each other: B2B, email, Web portal, Mobile App, or a combination of the above. Using the Nipendo platform is simple and intuitive and includes automated step-by-step guidance.  

If you’re looking for more efficient and cost-effective customer interactions, a more accurate supply chain and on time payment – Nipendo is a good fit for you.The modular, end-to-end solution is agnostic to spend-type and to supplier type and size.  It is enriched with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, enabling complete automated process governance, compliance management, and discrepancy resolution.


Key Benefits to Suppliers

Simple connectivity

Proactive user guidance through automated electronic interaction

Early payment collection

Best Practice templates

Full visibility to all events, activities, errors or mismatches

Performance exposure and rating

Built-in technical validations

Discrepancy management and dispute resolution modules

Self-provisioned responses, error-correction and real-time discrepancy resolution

Significant cost-reduction Around labor, process cycle time, fraud prevention and more.

All possible methods of invoice capture (Image + Data) and technical validations

Support of multiple languages

Support of company clusters under a configurable hierarchy

Financing Options and Dynamic Discounting

The Nipendo platform handholds you through each interaction with your customer, automatically guiding you such that you comply with all customer requirements. Any errors or discrepancies are immediately identified, and their correction is required before continued processing so that only accurate data is transmitted to the ERP system.
The process ensures minimal manual intervention and close to 100% accuracy so that you remove process bottlenecks, manage a more effective supply chain and get paid faster and more accurately. This is true regardless of how complex your processes get, whether your orders and invoices have one line item or hundreds, whether dealing with partial shipments, advance shipping notes, or returns.

Suppliers can subscribe to real-time updates and dashboards that keep them informed on the status of each order at every step of the process and to zero-in on the exceptions.

Nipendo helps Suppliers optimize their working capital by providing access to financing options and a platform through which to negotiate and execute early payment offers. It increases transparency throughout the order-to-payment cycle and reduces overall risk, and it expedites invoice approval.
The platform allows for Dynamic Discounting, alleviating cash flow concerns by accelerating payments. When Suppliers get an invoice approval notification that includes Dynamic Discounting options, they are presented with a choice of payment terms and the corresponding discounts from which they can select. Upon approval, payment of the discounted amount is processed at the agreed upon date.