I am a Buyer

Nipendo ADDS-ON to your existing infrastructure (ERP and/or Procurement systems) to bring further automation for those activities that remain stubbornly manual. Cloud-based Process Automation technology works in the background to do the tedious work for you and serve up the exceptions when true human intervention is needed. Most of Nipendo’s buy-side users don’t even see us, but they realize our value when they have less form-filling or other time-consuming lookups to do.

Nipendo is proud of our ability to bring suppliers and their systems into a true collaborative interaction with their buyers. Most dedicated procurement portals or networks top out at around 30% of suppliers truly participating. Nipendo’s buy-side customers get a minimum of 90% participation from suppliers with almost a quarter of those suppliers using a direct connection from their Sales Order and AR systems.

Our goal is to create a better experience for both buying organizations and their suppliers by creating a transparent collaborative platform through which interactions flow quickly, efficiently, and error-free.

Nipendo doesn’t just provide a technology.  We provide a solution.

We’ve all been there. How to manage communications with our suppliers who are distracted by their other customers? We’ve tried by using systems to organize our work internally (ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, Sage, Workday, etc.) and have even added specialized procurement systems (like Ariba, Coupa, Ivalua and others). But all this good work ultimately runs up against the fact that our suppliers have done their own organizing in their own systems. And all this organizing has only increased the variety of rules being imposed by both sides!

It’s as if we need to perform a mind-meld to each supplier to get exactly what we want. Nipendo doesn’t have a mind-meld. Yet. 

Instead, Nipendo is bringing better system-to-system connections AND a focus on the meaning of the messages being communicated. 

An analogy: phone networks have changed our world by allowing anyone to talk to anyone. But that was only part of the puzzle; you still needed to speak the same language over those wires and follow certain social cues to communicate deeper meaning than just the words. Nipendo, in a similar way, is connecting up the different buyer and supplier systems but also is interpreting messages between those systems so that none of the meaning is lost.

Nipendo’s cloud platform can be implemented within 10-12 weeks, and easily integrates with existing ERP and accounting systems as well as other sourcing and procurement applications.  

It automates all back-and-forth Source-to-Pay interactions between buyers and suppliers in line with corporate rules and policies using a self-guiding mechanism that views each transaction within the context of the entire process, ensuring full compliance and data accuracy.

The platform is modular, agnostic to spend-type and to supplier type and size, and boasts a supplier participation rate that exceeds 90%, indicative of the value it offers to suppliers.

The underlying Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence technologies, on which the platform was built, offer an unparalleled level of intelligent automation, creating opportunities for all trading partners to win through greater transparency, exposure to financing options and to new business opportunities, improved supply chain, and faster payment.

Key Benefits to Buyers

Streamlined and simplified interactions with All supplier types

A modular and configurable solution

Touch-free and error-free P2P processes

Simple implementation using Best Practice templates

Competitive total cost & Financing/discount options

Significant cost-reduction Around labor, process cycle time, fraud prevention and more.