About Us

Who we are

Nipendo was established in 2010 when co-founders Eyal and Alon Rosenberg sought to address a challenge they saw in the source-to-pay industry – a flood of SaaS applications designed to replace ERP deficiencies, which required heavy investments of time, effort, and money by both buyers and suppliers. 

Realizing this concept would not stick nor scale, the Rosenberg brothers developed a platform through which companies and their suppliers could interact efficiently without having to replace or customize their existing underlying systems and source-to-pay processes.

The Nipendo platform was designed as an intelligent intermediator that would streamline interactions and benefit all trading partners at minimal cost, using such technologies as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

Today, the Nipendo platform is used by cross-vertical medium sized and large companies across the globe, helping them reduce costs and improve procurement and supply chain efficiencies and supporting their competitive strength.

Implementing Nipendo’s platform requires simple configuration using Best-Practice templates, which were designed over a period of years of working with multinational corporations in a variety of industries and multiple vertical markets. These templates cover the full range of Direct and Indirect P2P processes around Goods and Services.

Nipendo helps enterprises automate their purchase-to-pay processes and replace manual labor and human decision-making with smart-bots that operate according to corporate policy, compliance rules and regulations.

Our Customers Indicate

Over 90%

Adoption rate

over 95%

Of Invoices are reconciled self-provisionally touch-free and error free

Nipendo’s end-to-end Hyperautomation platform is used by leading organizations across different industries

Including multinationals such as HP, Intel, KLA, Kodak Alaris, Elbit Systems, IAI, Teva and Unilever.