Nipendo streamlines interactions between buyers and suppliers

Buyers slash AP processing costs, improve supply chain, and gain over 90% supplier participation

Suppliers connect ONCE through Nipendo to ALL their customers

Nipendo will exhibit at the Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference in Maryland

For a buyer

For suppliers

Nipendo by the numbers

Over 90%

Full supplier participation

close to 100%

Percent errors reduced

over 50%

Invoice processing cost-reduction

over 95%

self-provisioned invoices, approved straight through to ERP system

“By providing real-time visibility to receivable worthiness and partnering with non-bank capital resources, Nipendo is expanding the range of available trade financing options at a time of great need.”

David Gustin
President, Global Business Intelligence and Managing Editor, Trade Financing Matters.

“Nipendo enables interoperability between different supplier communication solutions (for example, electronic data interchange [EDI], supplier networks and e-invoicing), allowing enterprises to rapidly achieve over 90% straight-through processing of all supplier invoices directly to their existing ERP systems.”

Cool Vendors in Integration, 2014

“Nipendo is the real deal when it comes supporting both application capability in P2P, such as e-invoicing and the connectivity or network layer itself.”

Jason Busch
Cool Vendors in Integration, 2014

“Before moving to Nipendo’s digital platform, we had to manually process hundreds of thousands of physical documents… we were sometimes late paying our suppliers… Nowadays the Electric Company receives the vast majority of invoices through Nipendo’s digital platform, which automatically examines them and provides intelligent validations…  Once we started using Nipendo our work processes shortened and became more efficient.  The number of people required to handle invoices was reduced and the company’s ability to comply with payment obligations to suppliers improved significantly.  We’ve gotten rid of almost all of our large filing cabinets, freeing up a lot of office real estate, have done away with the exhausting filing activities and have almost completely eliminated the need to manually key-in data.”

Masha Alony

Head of Accounting Division

“The Nipendo platform has enabled IAI to significantly improve supply chain efficiencies and supplier relations by creating transparency, and by automating the bulk of documentation along with the proper validations.  This has freed up our team to address more value-add challenges, has eliminated data errors, and has enabled us to meet our SLA vis-à-vis suppliers and customers.  Beyond the technology’s ability to address complex matters, the Nipendo team has demonstrated drive, flexibility, and creativity.  All of this has encouraged us to move into new areas with Nipendo and to strive towards making it a one-stop-shop for IAI and its global suppliers.”

Eyal Morad

Deputy COO and VP Supply Chain

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Organizations that work with a large number and often varied types of suppliers find themselves manually processing the different procurement documents that go back and forth between them: RFPs, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Shipping Notifications, and the like.Manual processing is time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive, resulting in errors, fraud and sub-optimal supplier relations.

Manual processing is time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive, resulting in errors, fraud and sub-optimal supplier relations.