Business Process Management

Nipendo offers a critical element of BPMS in its ability to hyperautomate Source-to-Pay processes, including process governance – the verification that both suppliers and buyers perform the required tasks, in accordance with the corporate policy.

Nipendo ensures that trading parties exchange the right information with each other, mandates required actions and provides relevant notifications, alerts and escalation procedures specifically aligned with the Buyer’s business rules and policies, customized to the specific position and role of the recipient. Nipendo also performs automatic follow up on open issues that fall within the governed processes.
Nipendo also automates supply chain processes, automatically governing their execution in accordance with the buying organization’s business policies, and supports digital shipping notification (SN), Goods Receipt (GR) and SES with automatic validations. It enables follow up, alerts, and escalation of delivery scheduling and on-time delivery and automatically manages errors, delays and oversight.
For goods, Nipendo enables organizations to receive advance information and the required documents associated with incoming shipments, and uses ASN data as a base for creating draft GR. The platform sends shipping notifications from suppliers, including batch data, serial numbers and ship-to information. It includes attachments of relevant QA and logistics documents in head or line levels and returns a Goods Receipt to the supplier with actual receipt information.
The platform performs automatic validations on Shipping Notifications and allows inspectors to review attachments in the portal and to approve or reject shipping notifications in line level.
Regarding services, the common challenge of documenting the receipt of services in the ERP system is addressed by Nipendo through an advanced solution that digitizes, automates and improves both the service delivery notice provided by the supplier and the SES creation in the customer’s ERP system. We offer a number of solutions that streamline this process, tailored to the specific type of service and business process.