The chemical industry touches every aspect of our lives – from food to clean air and water, safety and security, energy, and medical treatment.  The industry faces an abundance of supply chain challenges, one of which concerns invoice discrepancies around the delivery of gasses and liquids by trucks.  In such cases, a mismatch may occur between the actual weight of chemical materials as measured by the buyer at the point of delivery, and the weight for which the supplier invoiced based on their measurement.  Buyers find it difficult to reconcile and document the difference, and therefore to perform a three-way-match of the invoice data.

Nipendo enables the person who receives the materials to update actual weight received using a mobile app, and to include a photo of the weighing certificate.    The mobile app is an integral part of the Nipendo platform, an end-to-end solution through which 95% of invoice processing is performed automatically, error-free, all the way through to the buyer’s ERP system.

Chemical manufacturers are required to perform intensive maintenance of their production line given their high levels of wear and tear.  The challenge is to properly and effectively validate invoices for such services – beginning with documenting them in the system, followed by approval and so on.  This manual process is triggered by the supplier’s invoice, and results in the creation of a service entry sheet in the ERP system.

Another challenge faced by the industry lies in the manual way by which invoices are processed for maintenance services of the production line.  In many places the process of documenting the service, approving it, and finally paying for it is slow and error prone.  

With Nipendo, the invoice is sent electronically by the supplier and is automatically placed on hold.  Information about the transaction is then sent to the ERP system, which creates a draft Service Entry Sheet (SES) for an inspector to approve, reject, or modify.  Once approved, the SES is transmitted to the ERP system where it undergoes three-way matching before releasing the invoice for payment.  Automation significantly reduces processing time, frees up resources and removes errors. 

Using the Nipendo platform, buyers and suppliers in the chemical industry ensure data accuracy and an efficient supply chain that impacts the timely delivery of goods and the accurate and timely payment for them.

Accelerating the speed of business with real-time visibility and compliance

Nipendo Supplier Cloud empowers suppliers through self-service reconciliation options, eliminating errors and manual processes and removing supply chain bottlenecks.
Any supplier interaction going through Nipendo is validated for data consistency and compliance with your business rules before it enters your ERP system. If validation fails, the supplier is alerted so the discrepancy can be immediately resolved. Buyers and suppliers can subscribe to real-time updates and dashboards that keep them informed on the status of the order at each step of the process and allow them to zero in on the exceptions.

P2P Automation across all spend categories

Enabling integration for even the most complex spend categories, Nipendo’s Supplier Cloud allows you to establish efficient and error-free collaboration across your entire supplier base. Whether you are ordering stationary and paper clips or procuring electronic components to assemble your product, Nipendo can help you and your suppliers eliminate manual work, prevent errors, and remove process bottlenecks.
No matter how complex your processes get—dealing with orders and invoices with one line item or hundreds, partial shipments, advance shipping notes (ASN), returns—Nipendo is flexible enough to support your quest for automation.

“By providing real-time visibility to receivable worthiness and partnering with non-bank capital resources, Nipendo is expanding the range of available trade financing options at a time of great need.”

David Gustin
President, Global Business Intelligence and Managing Editor, Trade Financing Matters.

“Nipendo enables interoperability between different supplier communication solutions (for example, electronic data interchange [EDI], supplier networks and e-invoicing), allowing enterprises to rapidly achieve over 90% straight-through processing of all supplier invoices directly to their existing ERP systems.”

Cool Vendors in Integration, 2014

“Nipendo is the real deal when it comes supporting both application capability in P2P, such as e-invoicing and the connectivity or network layer itself.”

Jason Busch
Cool Vendors in Integration, 2014

“Admittedly, we were initially reluctant to deploy Nipendo, fearing it would add to our work and possibly require the hiring of additional staff.  We would likely not have done so had our customer not required us.  However, after deploying the platform using a B2B connection, we realized significant benefit from it and now urge our customer to expand the platform’s utilization.  We find ourselves spending far less time around invoice submission and, since we have full transparency into the process and into invoice and payment status, we no longer need to call the customer directly.  Our business processes have improved significantly, and we’re better able to plan ahead.”

Yakir Dvir

Chief Information Officer

“Before moving to Nipendo’s digital platform, we had to manually process hundreds of thousands of physical documents… we were sometimes late paying our suppliers… Nowadays the Electric Company receives the vast majority of invoices through Nipendo’s digital platform, which automatically examines them and provides intelligent validations… Once we started using Nipendo our work processes shortened and became more efficient. The number of people required to handle invoices was reduced and the company’s ability to comply with payment obligations to suppliers improved significantly. We’ve gotten rid of almost all of our large filing cabinets, freeing up a lot of office real estate, have done away with the exhausting filing activities and have almost completely eliminated the need to manually key-in data.”

Masha Alony

Head of Accounting Division

The Nipendo platform has enabled IAI to significantly improve supply chain efficiencies and supplier relations by creating transparency, and by automating the bulk of documentation along with the proper validations.  This has freed up our team to address more value-add challenges, has eliminated data errors, and has enabled us to meet our SLA vis-à-vis suppliers and customers.  Beyond the technology’s ability to address complex matters, the Nipendo team has demonstrated drive, flexibility, and creativity.  All of this has encouraged us to move into new areas with Nipendo and to strive towards making it a one-stop-shop for IAI and its global suppliers.” 

Eyal Morad

Deputy COO and VP Supply Chain

“We deployed Nipendo back in 2017 and found the Nipendo team extremely helpful and professional.  We were able to continue working in our ERP system as before but saw a 180-degree shift in the way invoices were managed and in supplier relations.  Before Nipendo, we manually processed invoices and keyed in data, had piles of paperwork, lost invoices, and missed payment dates.  We now have full transparency into invoice processing and payment status, better supplier relations and an associated improvement in supply chain, along with overall improved organizational efficiencies.”
Yehudit Alkobi
Head of Finance Department

Win-win proposition for buyers and suppliers

The bottom line is a win-win proposition for you and your suppliers. You have greater transparency to delivery schedules and confidence you can meet your production timelines.
Suppliers can deliver more efficiently and cost-effectively because they know exactly what buyers expect.
In return, they get more timely payments and have access to early payment as well as other financing options (link to SCF/DD page).

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