Supplier Relationship Management

The Nipendo platform includes a wide range of tools and capabilities designed to enhance the hyperautomation of processes between enterprises and their suppliers, and an impressive track record of onboarding a staggering 93% of all suppliers, regardless of their type or size, for full participation in all automated P2P processes.
It’s been able to achieve this rate through a combination of unmatched technologies and methodologies for vendor management, including the use of automated dynamic guidance for self-onboarding, which provides suppliers with step-by-step interactive guidance.
In addition, the platform can identify in real time, and guide suppliers through the correction procedures of errors, discrepancies, missing data, documents, certifications, or actions. The platform uses visualization tools and provides step-by-step guidance and explanations to suppliers, pointing out errors and guiding through their correction.
Nipendo automatically identifies and corrects errors in documents, based on predefined business rules and business policies of the buyer. It automatically validates invoices based on associated documents, using advanced AI-based algorithms. If a document is submitted with missing information, these algorithms can automatically detect the associated documents and perform data validations on their own.
Nipendo also automatically completes or corrects missing or incorrect data elements, such as reference numbers, pricing, quantities, etc. using software bots that follow a set of predefined rules, templates, or parameters.
Finally, Nipendo resolves discrepancies automatically, using a Machine Learning-based, continues-improvement process that learns the user’s behavior and receives feedback. All of these capabilities greatly contribute to reducing supply chain risk and supplier risk.