Vendor Portal

As part of its solution, Nipendo offers a Supplier Portal, which enables suppliers to view and manage all of their P2P activity and AR processes within their network of trading partners. It allows them to track all relevant business documents and alerts them, in real time, about errors, discrepancies and mismatches.
It addresses all supply chain business processes from PO through payment: RFQ, PO, PO Confirmation, ASN, Shipping Notification, Goods Receipt, Invoice, Proforma Invoice, Approved Bill, Payment General Ledgers, Supplier Master Data, Inventory, Forecasts and more.
All transactions are stored and archived in the system and can be presented through the web portal for both customer and supplier use. Each supplier, however, is able to view only its own transactions and information.
The Web portal was designed to simplify user activity through the use of innovative abilities: user guidance based on business policies, roles and responsibilities, simple search functionality, complete self-management of business processes and relationships, advanced notifications and user customization.
Onboarding suppliers to the portal is performed through a Campaign Manager module, which enables either massive or discrete supplier connections to the system, performed either automatically or through self-onboarding by the vendor itself. Nipendo has been successful in onboarding in excess of 93% of its customers’ suppliers.