Nipendo Awarded A Patent For Automated B2b Integration And Supplier Collaboration

Nipendo State Machine Technology Removes The Need For Low-level Custom Mapping And Programming, Enables Fastest Deployment Of Scalable Multi-enterprise Supplier Collaboration

Burlington, MA – June 10, 2015 – Nipendo, a leading provider of supplier collaboration cloud platform, has announced it was awarded a US Patent for automated reconciliation of cross-enterprise transactions and digital documents.

Utilizing this technology, companies that use Nipendo Supplier Cloud are able to completely automate procure-to-pay interactions with their entire supplier base, an accomplishment that was practically unattainable until now.

“Many technologies have aspired for decades to enable Business-to-Business (B2B) integration between trading partners, but have failed to deliver a scalable and cost-effective solution,” explained Nipendo CTO Alon Rosenberg. “By using a novel approach based on state machine technology, we are able to overcome the limitation of conventional methods and deliver the highest level of cross-enterprise automation and collaboration while keeping deployment and maintenance costs to a minimum”. Any transaction that goes through Nipendo Supplier Cloud is subject to an extensive set of validations based on business rules that can be configured by each customer. Customers can use pre-defined business rule templates for specific business processes (e.g. direct vs. indirect purchases) and modify them to match their unique requirements.

Nipendo’s Inventive B2B Integration Method Delivers Simplicity, Speed, and Scale


Nipendo’s invention represents a departure from conventional B2B integration technologies that require custom programming and field-to-field mapping. Instead, companies can focus on configuring the processes that govern interactions with their trading partners based on best-practice process templates. These pre-defined processes and business rules enable companies to easily exchange real-time information with their suppliers, orchestrate supply chain processes, and automatically reconcile procure-to-pay transactions to their ERP systems with no manual interaction.


By automatically transforming buyer and supplier data into a canonical form, Nipendo enables rapid integration with on-premises and cloud-based ERP systems, leveraging investments companies have made in existing infrastructure. With instant ability to add new business rules and immediately roll them out to their entire supplier base, organizations that operate on the Nipendo Supplier Cloud are able to remain agile and stay ahead of the competition.


Constrained by the cost and effort of one-off integration, EDI and other flavors of B2B connectivity have traditionally been limited for the largest and best-funded suppliers. Featuring a many-to-many architecture that simplifies integration and facilitates rapid onboarding for all suppliers, Nipendo Supplier Cloud enables organizations to collaborate with hundreds and thousands of suppliers in the same way that up till now was  afforded only by the largest and best funded trading partners.

“Supply chain visibility and agility are critical capabilities in today’s global and fast-paced economy,” said Nipendo CEO Eyal Rosenberg. “While most procurement solutions are geared towards indirect spend, The Nipendo platform is designed to automate all types of spend, including the most complex direct spend processes. By removing the barriers to collaboration, Nipendo customers are able to establish highly orchestrated supply chain processes with all suppliers, which gives them a distinct competitive advantage.”

About Nipendo

Nipendo enables a new level of supplier collaboration, empowering organizations around the world to create a competitive advantage through rapid and massive supply chain integration.

Nipendo Supplier Cloud allows organizations to extend their existing systems and processes beyond the enterprise firewall, enhance real-time communication with suppliers, and step up supply chain agility.

Utilizing Nipendo’s multi-enterprise integration platform and our patent-awarded content-transformation technology, buyers and supplier can sidestep the bottlenecks of custom mapping that make current methods of B2B integration costly and time-consuming.

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