Nipendo Supplier Cloud New Collaborative Features Keep Supply Chains In Sync

New modules enable organizations to share forecasts with suppliers, coordinate activities, and keep tighter control over delivery schedules

Boston, MA, December 7, 2016 – Nipendo, a leading provider of supplier collaboration cloud platform, revealed multiple enhancements introduced to its Supplier Cloud platform.

Nipendo Supplier Cloud goes beyond simple transaction exchange, empowering organizations to streamline collaboration across their supply chains. The Nipendo platform replaces manual procure-to-pay processes with robotic process automation in the cloud, ensuring compliance across all supplier interactions – from bidding, foecasting and purchase orders through shipping and receiving to electronic invoicing.

Highlights of the recent enhancements to the Nipendo Supplier Cloud platform include:

Forecast Exchange Module

The new Forecast Exchange Module enables organizations to share their production forecasts and manufacturing plans with their suppliers, greatly enhancing the level of predictability and confidence in the planning process. It is used by manufacturers to inform suppliers about their planned production requirements, allowing suppliers to prepare in advance, respond and react to upcoming orders, communicate their ability to meet the expected delivery schedules, and flag any anticipated issues that may impact these plans.

Task Management Module

The Task Management Module allows buyers to define order-related activities that a supplier has to complete as part of the order fulfillment process. For example, the buyer may request a supplier to attach technical specifications for the ordered item, digitally sign a document, or confirm the completion of an action. Using the Task Management Module provides buyers and suppliers with a single pane of glass to control all order-related activities, eliminating the need for multiple paper documents, emails, and phone calls which are difficult to track and manage. Nipendo Supplier Cloud can ensure that suppliers are not able to submit an invoice for an order line item until all associated tasks have been completed, providing buyers with an added layer of automated compliance and control throughout the entire procure-to-pay (P2P) process.

Fulfillment Reports

A collection of new reports provides greater visibility into order fulfilment status, allowing buyers to quickly spot exceptions such as items that are at risk of delay beyond the order due date. Information in the reports is updated in real-time, and users can drill down from the report into the underlying data for further details and insight to take corrective actions.

“The ability to keep the entire supply chain in sync at all times is critical in today’s integrated manufacturing environment,” said Nipendo CEO and Co-founder Eyal Rosenberg. “Our customers’ success lies on their ability to ensure real-time information flows across the entire supplier ecosystem, and the enhancements to the Supplier Cloud platform are already proving to provide these organizations with a greater competitive advantage.”

About Nipendo

Nipendo Supplier Cloud delivers a new level of supply chain collaboration and procure-to-pay automation across all spend categories.

Nipendo provides organizations with a single point of control and compliance for all enterprise procure-to-pay processes, enabling real-time, transparent, touch-free, and error-free invoice reconciliation with over 98% of the invoices approved to pay within seconds of submission.

Utilizing Nipendo’s real-time invoice validation and reconciliation, buyer organizations are able to capture a greater portion of available early payment discounts, while suppliers enjoy faster invoice-to-cash conversion at a lower cost of capital.

Nipendo Supplier Cloud is used by leading organizations across industries, including multinationals such as CheckPoint, Israel Aerospace Industries, KLA Tencor, Kodak Alaris, Sigma Aldrich, and Teva Pharmaceuticals.

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