RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation and P2P stands for Procure-to-Pay.  The Nipendo platform includes hundreds of home-grown software bots that automate numerous procure-to-pay processes between companies and their suppliers.  The platform includes sophisticated validation capabilities and operates in line with pre-defined corporate rules.  Using the Nipendo platform, our customers have been able to reduce manual work by over 50%! They’ve replaced human decision making and are able to get things done much faster with no delays, no errors or discrepancies, preventing fraud and enabling scale-up at no additional cost.

Medium and large organizations that work with thousands of suppliers exert significant effort to manage and maintain supplier relationships, communicate specific requirements, follow up on process fulfillment, and respond to all inquiries.  When errors and discrepancies are found, reconciling them manually becomes difficult. Using Nipendo, companies can more effectively communicate with their suppliers, giving them full transparency into source-to-pay processes and real-time information.  The Nipendo platform identifies and flags errors and mismatched information, requires their correction, or corrects them on its own, reconciles discrepancies, autonomously completes missing information, suggests activities and required responses, notifies about process errors, escalates alerts, and much more.  This results in improved efficiencies, significant cost reduction, shorter process cycle times, error-reduction, and elimination of disputes with suppliers.

Implementing any system requires effort and resources.  But Nipendo has a track record of implementing its platform within 10-12 weeks, at highly competitive ecost and with unprecedented rates of participation.

Nipendo’s approach is different.  The technology operates in the background and enables users to continue working in familiar environments (ERP, financial systems, procurement applications, etc.) and with familiar processes.  RPA, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies augment and extend existing functionalities without replacing them.  Significant effort and resources are saved by avoiding the need to undergo training on new systems and processes, and through the elimination of the majority of manual work, routine decision making, and tedious keystrokes.

Nipendo can integrate with any ERP system, but we’ve already developed plug-ins for the most common ones, such as SAP and Oracle. Additionally, Nipendo developed Best Practice templates for dozens of Source-to-Pay processes that can be used AS IS or easily configured to meet customer needs.  These templates have already been implemented across several vertical markets.  The value becomes clear when comparing the cost of the platform and its implementation, to over 50% savings it results in around procurement and AP.

Gaining supplier participation in any source-to-pay system or procurement application is indeed a major challenge.  Companies invest heavily in such systems, which might ultimately only achieve 20-30 percent participation of suppliers, making their ROI unattractive.  Through a combination of technology and methodologies, Nipendo has a track record of onboarding over 90% of suppliers to fully participate in the platform’s validation and automation capabilities.  This is a major differentiator between us and our competition.

There are several good source-to-pay systems out there, but they lack much of the functionality we offer in terms of automation, processes covered, and value to suppliers.  The good news is that there is no need to replace them, as we can interact with them and complement their capabilities.  Nipendo covers all spend types for both goods and services and automates the entire set of source-to-pay processes.  Suppliers gain significant value from using the Nipendo platform, through which they can interact with trading partners using a variety of methods, resulting in an unprecedented participation rate of 90% across different industries.  If you’ve already invested effort and funds in deploying a source-to-pay system, a spend-management system, or a procurement application – you might find you gain additional value by deploying Nipendo, thereby improving the ROI of systems you’ve already deployed.