2014 e-Procurement: Unlocking The Keys To Dynamic P2P


Based on input from Dynamic Discounting to Travel and Expense Management, the relevance of financial automation tools for efficient business processes is growing in the marketplace—and in the minds of financial professionals all over the world. For today’s organizations, optimizing AP is the secret weapon for growing revenues and improving business performance. For many companies, the most obvious AP pain is found in their paper-processing, which usually becomes the first step they take towards automation. PayStream Advisors’ research has shown that companies are shifting from decentralized to centralized models in all areas of their organizations in order to gain tighter controls, increase vendor negotiation power, and ultimately standardize processes.

Read this report and get PayStream Advisors’ analysis of:

  • Current Business Solutions on Electronic Procurement
  • Commonly Utilized eProcurement Technologies
  • Global Market Trends in eProcurement
  • Best Practices for eProcurement Use
  • Optimal Strategies for eProcurement Solution Seekers

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