Spend Matters: Ariba/SAP, Fees, And Future Networks


Ariba has many suppliers paying thousands – sometimes tens of thousands or more – per year to transact across their network with multiple trading partners. This helps offset the cost of their P2P application for buyers, and allows Ariba to compete on price as well as product. Many procurement professionals though, believe that suppliers will factor any additional transaction costs they may incur into their pricing. This research, previously only available to Spend Matters PRO members, looks through the pros and cons of Ariba’s strategy, exploring what it means for both buyers and suppliers. It also examines a novel approach to network connectivity which could bring radical capabilities to supplier enablement.

Read this white paper and get Spend Matter’s take on:

  • What’s in fold for Ariba customers moving forward
  • The future of P2P, supplier enablement, and networks
  • What breakthrough capabilities can be enabled by new approaches to network connectivity

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