Supply Chain Finance: Where Are Leading Corporates Going?


On-Demand Webinar with Spend Matters

Finance and procurement executives alike are bombarded with messages about new options for payment, settlement, finance, and non-bank sources to finance receivables off these networks.

Join David Gustin (Trade Financing Matters), Mark Demos (Integrate Financial), and Ed Berger (Nipendo) as they team up to explain the hype.

They’ll tackle:

  • The newest navigation of p-cards, early pay programs, dynamic discounting, supply chain finance buyer programs, etc.
  • A perfect storm that creates a possible role for third parties to facilitate trade credit
  • Vast regulation and the resulting arbitrage opportunities
  • Compliance environment
  • Technology enabling
  • Big data
  • Zero interest rate environment

If you’ve so much as heard a whisper of “supply chain finance” in your day-to-day, this is the webinar for you.

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