Beyond making RPA, AI and ML accessible at record speed and providing unparalleled value to Buyers, nipendo’s technology enables all of your suppliers – regardless of their type or size, to opt-in willingly as they too gain significant value from it, and given that the opt-in process is frictionless.
nipendo’s platform is built to help enterprises Automate the entire process from procurement to payment, not just individual documents. Every information exchange between the enterprise and its suppliers encapsulates the entire context and history of the interaction, enabling our Bots to perform process governance around the different process types, according to the enterprise’s policies, rules and logic. It also enables our Bots to ensure compliance, enforce actions, request additional information, validate data accuracy, resolve discrepancies and perform many other activities – all with the purpose of automating the process, replacing manual work, eliminating errors, increasing visibility, and improving manageability and control.
Nipendo’s platform continuously improves and streamlines buyer-supplier interactions by analyzing them and learning the reasons behind process breaches, identifying common discrepancies, measuring average time intervals, and the like.
The platform improves error-rate reduction, autonomously resolves more and more discrepancies, and gains greater insights and intelligence. All this enables continuous improvement, which provides greater value to both Buyer and its supplier base, ultimately achieving a touch-free and error-free rate of over 95% of total enterprise spend.