Value proposition

Nipendo customers are able to complete digital transformation processes across all spend categories and the entire supplier base in less than six months! This, thanks to our use of internally developed Best-Practices templates of P2P process automation with plug-ins to many of the existing ERP packages such as SAP, Oracle and Dynamix.

The Nipendo platform benefits both buyers and suppliers, which is why our customers enjoy unprecedented rates of supplier participation. Connecting to our platform and integrating it into your and your suppliers’ existing systems and processes is simple, requiring no custom coding or mapping.

The Nipendo platform allows all parties to connect once and communicate with all, regardless of their ERP system, data requirements, or specific business processes. It empowers suppliers through self-service reconciliation options, eliminating errors and manual processes and removing supply chain bottlenecks.

Every supplier interaction going through Nipendo is validated for data consistency and compliance with the buyer’s business rules before it enters its ERP system. If validation fails, the supplier is alerted so the discrepancy can be immediately resolved. Buyers and suppliers can subscribe to real-time updates and dashboards that keep them informed on the status of the order at each step of the process and allow them to zero in on the exceptions.

Key Benefits to Buyers

Streamlined and simplified interactions with All supplier types

A modular and configurable solution

Touch-free and error-free P2P processes

Simple implementation using Best Practice templates

Competitive total cost & Financing/discount options

Significant cost-reduction Around labor, process cycle time, fraud prevention and more.

Key Benefits to Suppliers

Simple connectivity

Proactive user guidance through automated electronic interaction

Early payment collection

Best Practice templates

Full visibility to all events, activities, errors or mismatches

Performance exposure and rating

Built-in technical validations

Discrepancy management and dispute resolution modules

Self-provisioned responses, error-correction and real-time discrepancy resolution

Significant cost-reduction Around labor, process cycle time, fraud prevention and more.

All possible methods of invoice capture (Image + Data) and technical validations

Support of multiple languages

Support of company clusters under a configurable hierarchy

Financing Options and Dynamic Discounting